A request from a Noob to fellow gamers.

Hello guys.

I am not a pro gamer or anything , to be frank i am a noob in all the games(except cityville ) . And one thing i always had to face was the constant abuses and trash thrown at me . I have started to play RTS games since last week , and one thing i was shocked to see was the amount of abuses chucked at me just because i failed to capture a point. Seriously??  I had already told my team mates that i am a noob and have no clue what to do before the game had began . Well nobody bothered to help me or assist me untill yesterday.

I was on the verge of losing my cool after hours of gaming and due to rants. But for the first time i met a guy(he was maxed out lvl 50) who actually gave me tips after  i lost to him . He even teamed up with me after that and guided me throughout the game . And coz of that one person i have improved considerably .

This is the case in almost every game ,why can’t the pro s be nice and helpful to the noobs/newbies ? that will surely help them and make the entire match/session wonderful . I don’t know which psycho enjoys abusing everyone throughout a game.  I don’t mean the morons who don’t listen to anyone and just messes up the entire game they ofcourse deserve thrashings . I mean the players who need help and is willing to listen to others  and actually want to imporve .

In short all i want to say is “Please be nice to noobs and help them at times ” and share this post if you like it or agree with me .

Also are they actually noobs or newbies ?  I am with the term “newbies”

All suggestions/corrections  are welcome

Slayer signing out

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3 responses to “A request from a Noob to fellow gamers.

  • Karan

    Noob is not the right word then.


  • GTX

    don’t even play on servers that treat new guys (note: newbies and not n00bs(n00bs play the game for a long time but they never get better at it)) like that . Find and bookmark servers which have strict rules like no flaming and abuses etc .

    • Dark69Slayer

      Not every game has all those features .Most of the FPS does . My experience is mainly with DOW II . Where Windows LIVE screws up stuff and pairs you without making any sense . I had to have a “Head on Head” match with a lvl 50 player and i am lvl 4

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