You won’t find your “True Love” untill you reach 22

Funny ? Maybe . But wait till you hear this things which happen in a not so normal teens life .I got that line online from CHIP forums . I found it funny at first ,but after a few weeks i kinda added my own philosophies to it .This is the age in which a 5th grader has a relationship , 6th grader makes out and a 9th grader gets pregnant . Well i am not talking about US or any countries like that , i am talking about India -where parents used to whack their kid for staring at a girl in bikini coming in tv , I am sure some of you must have had an experience of this . Whats shocking is the after effects of a break up . I have been in relationships and i am not implying that i am a big saint or something. But my friends drilled in some sense . Now i ask the question to you(if you are under 19 ) “Do you actually expect to find the girl of your dreams now ? Do you actually think that you are going to end up marrying your current GF/BF ?” If you are answering yes and then give it one more thought and good luck to you.
Lets ponder about the effects of a break up(applicable only if one is serious) . Mental breakdown , Depression , and some even go into psycho mode. Psycho Mode explained – Eating rat poison , cutting your nerves ,face , and trying to act cool by taking drugs and posting it on FB . Now some of may ask “LOL what crap ” Trust the list is not at all made up , these things were done by real people in my life . One can always try to help these kinds of people , good friends do try but everyone doesn’t succeed , So if you have a friend like that you didn’t succeed in helping him/her then don’t be upset you tried now its just their bad luck . Besides its better than saying “ballz to you ” like me . If you are in a relationship now i suggest you don’t get so serious and plan your life with your partner all ready.Trust me it never works out at this age and you are heading to a huge fall . All i can say/suggest is just have fun(Fun doesn’t mean sleeping with your partner and dumping them or “use and throw ” only total sadistic morons without a life will do that) ,see people ,understand them and stuff .
Love is a grave mental disease.-Plato
Got that from a close friends status and its meant to me 😛
BTW if this post doesn’t make any sense just do tell it ,i shall improve and give more thought to what i type and i am not thinking properly dude to my huge headahce and stressed mind


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3 responses to “You won’t find your “True Love” untill you reach 22

  • Apoorva


    rat poison-crazy loverboy

    btw-who told you to steal my status

  • Kiran

    Well, I think we have all gone thru that phase and you have really written it well. The main problem is we only reslise after we have committed mistakes and no matter what everybody tell you(when u are a teenager) you feel what u are doing is right. Blame it on human genes!

    • Dark69Slayer

      Thank you . Indeed almost everyone goes through this .But not everyone is hopeless ,by that i mean many can be convinced and brought back to the real world/situation but yes like you said some don’t listen-there is nothing we can do about them other than be on their side and keep trying . And thanks again for reading really appreciate it(by this you should be able to make out that not many read my blog :P)

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