I am not interested to see your FAT ASS

One thing i know is one of the main reason why you are reading this right now is the words “fat ass” caught your attention . I would have done the same thing . One thing that I have noticed throughout my life is that its the people who actually show off their body . Now if you are fat is feeling offended then STOP reading because its about to get more offensive although i am looking at the word “fat” as a nature and not blaming you or branding you or anything . You know it if you are fat so no need to go shout at me(although i don’t mind)

Sexy right ?

Ok back to the topic . I have no clue why i find the fat ladies wearing miniskirts and and tight jeans every weekend in the malls . I am not saying you guys are not attractive but what i am saying is you guys just look disgusting and creepy in tight cloths . And you have no clue how many are taking pics of that adding witty tags and tweeting . Nobody finds it ‘sexy’ to see a fat lady walking around showing her thighs to the entire world ,but yes it does gives the rest of the people a good joke and something to laugh about . For a person to look attractive it is not always necessary that he/she should expose her body every time they get a chance . I am bored teen who sometimes hangs out at malls to check out babes and let me tell this i have found so many HOT chicks in just a plain tee and jeans . And its not my personal opinion i usually ask my friends too .
Then again who am i to talk all this huh ,ignore all this crap and stand out in the crowd and be famous or just try to blend in(I know half of the above lines are contradicting each other and some doesn’t even make any sense ,but you think i give a damn? No )

Peace !

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