Why I started to hate Pokemon

Pokemon ! Now close your eyes and kindly have a flash back of your child hood and the excitement and craze behind Pokemon…………………………………… I guess thats enough back to the present age . *burp* I was totally hooked on to it ,although i was in Kerala(hard to find original Pokemon cards) i managed to get my hand on every single thing with the word Pokemon on it. Yes i had Pokemon boxers with Ash and Brock on it . Now what went wrong with it Many things .
1)Too many balls pokeballs
What the hell happened to the simple technique of chucking a ball and capturing it ? Well after a few seasons there are different balls , now thats confusing . I mean seriously WTH . There are
1)Poke Ball
2)Great Ball
3)Ultra Ball
4) Master Ball
5)Safari Ball
6)Level Ball
7)Lure Ball
8)Moon Ball
9) Friend Ball
10) Love ball(wondering if i can catch girls with this)
11)Heavy Ball
69)Fuck This Ball
12)Fast Ball
13)Sport Ball
14)Premier Ball
15)Timer Ball
16)Nest Ball
17)Net Ball
18) Dive Ball
*sigh* thats alot of balls
19) Luxury Ball
20)Dusk Ball
21) Park Ball
I give up ,I am bored of the list.If you are interested in more balls kindly Google it 😉

Now I assume Pokemon is targeted to an age group of 5-11 .To admit the truth i can’t even remember the names of half the types of pokeballs and i am 16 . from what I can understand the pokeballs just get prettier with the long names and thats it .

2)Too many Pokemon
Now now don’t argue with me , I am right ! What the hell happened to the 150 pokemons ? I assume they tried to be adventurous and experimented with each other . Result? – More than 500 Pokemon and counting. Anyone who thinks I am lying can check out the long list
I don’t why they created so many and for what joy ?To create more merchandise? And the names are just rubbish- “skitty” I think the guy made a typo once while writing kitty and TA-DA we got a new pokemon .

Hi i am BURMY

3) Predictable
Don’t get me started on this one . All of us who has watched atleast 20 episodes know about this . Every episode they meet a troubled person or a naughty pokemon, Ash will be the only one who doesn’t know about the pokemon . He takes out his pokedex , listens to the old nagging voice. After a while a cute girl comes Brock gets hyper ,the third person among the gang hits Brock . The gang decides to help the cute girl/old man who has a cute daughter /pokemon .In the last ten minutes team rocket comes tries to steal the worthless yellow pikachu and the other pokemon(the one introduced on the episode), they succeed for 5 mins ,they fails . Happy Ending. Thats one episode ,just change the girl and the pokemon and the background and you get 20 episodes .
As for gym battles Ash wins the first round,loses the second and wins the third. Or He loses the gym battles and comes for a re match and then loses the league in the quarter finals .

hmm thats pokemon for you ^

4)Too many episodes/leagues
Ok this is not exactly a valid reason but when you combine the above reasons with this then yes IT IS A MAJOR REASON . As far as i know its been on air for more than 13 years or something . YES that long .
1 Pokémon: The Original Series (Series 1)
1.1 Season 1: Indigo League
1.2 Season 2: The Adventures In The Orange Islands
1.3 Season 3: The Johto Journeys
1.4 Season 4: Johto League Champions
1.5 Season 5: Master Quest
2 Pokémon: Advanced Generation (Series 2)
2.1 Season 6: Advanced
2.2 Season 7: Advanced Challenge
2.3 Season 8: Advanced Battle
2.4 Season 9: Battle Frontier
3 Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl (Series 3)
3.1 Season 10: Diamond and Pearl
3.2 Season 11: Diamond and Pearl-Battle Dimension
3.3 Season 12: Diamond and Pearl-Galactic Battles
3.4 Season 13: Diamond and Pearl-Sinnoh League Victors
4 Pokémon: Black & White (Series 4)
4.1 Season 14: Black & White!

At least they can put some sensible names .I wonder if anybody sued the industry for the “Black and White” 😛 I would have if i could have .Now if they had really interesting story throughout then i would have loved it and been a fanboy and grown up to be like this

"True Pokemon Trainers "

Some funny cartoon strips i came across in 4chan


And Everyone who has played the gameboy games will know this one

Where is "None of the Above"

5 responses to “Why I started to hate Pokemon

  • Apoorva

    i absolutely loved pokemon

    misty was weird-always thought misty and ash would make an awesome couple-but alas

    the jhonto league was fun

    the others in the end were all crap

    gotta catch em all 🙂

  • warun

    I hate pokemon because ash hardly ever catches a pokemon nor does he win ANY tournament.
    He effin’ gave away his “fire breathing dragon” pokemon for no friggin’ reason, he also let go of his butterfree (<— what kind of a retarded name is that?!).
    I hope they all just get killed in some random episode, or get mauled by some "legendary" pokemon.

  • Alyssa

    I would just like to say this: Pokemon has been ruined. It is a shell of what it used to be. They threw out characters and outfits and customs like it didn’t matter. Even Ashes freaking hat. The only thing they kept the same was pikachu. Why the hell isn’t he a Richu yet?! Stupid, stupid. I cant believe they got rid of charzard… He was my favorite. And balbasaur. 😥 Oh well. Im 14, so Ive moved on in life.

    • Dark69Slayer

      Thanks for reading (I rarely get visitors :-/ )
      As for pikachu not evolving – It doesn’t want to . Its afraid it might change his personality or something . And yes do check out animes like bleach and naruto you might like them

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