Facebook is AWESOME …. Why ? Read on

Facebook -Where you can find me online and really active from 9am-10pm . Now sure facebook really helps a person to keep in touch with others especially old friends .I even found the guy who studied with me in 1st standard….(ok the request is still pending…… fine its been an year and still pending ) So lets stick to the important topic .
PS- This post is going to be totally unorganized and random so kindly don’t whine

Facebook has applications to tell YOU how lucky the unknown people in your friend lists are......daily

Now while all you morons have a simple chat mechanism i have a video chat +voice chat + talking smileys + and a lie detector in my facebook chat all thanks to the advices given by my cool friends and the innumerable softwares and toolbars i installed.


Whoa now thats really cool. ZXY is 77% lucky…. now WTF do i do ? Party ?

Applications which wish your friends birthday ..... along with a horny dick in it....or a cactus

Now this is one of the awesome things ever. Now you don’t have to type those two words(i.e Happy Birthday) to your friends at all ,this application will do the really hard and time consuming job and give your buddy a warm horny wish

Now you can send neat stuff through facebook like face paint , guns , trains , life jackets ..... dragon eggs . And duh porn(its automated)

Please be kind and send life vests so that Rusty is safe. Now don’t ask” Wait a sec.. who the hell is Rusty?” You have a chance to send “Life Vests” and you are asking questions ? Hurry up and click it you fool.


A game of Best Friends anyone ?

If you don’t know who your best friends are then Chillax! There are applications to help you. Now you can find your best friend in no time ,they are just a few clicks away. The entire process is explained through a detailed picture,which even depicts all the people who failed to be your BEST FRIEND and lost the “cup” . Now thats advanced technology at work , The application tracks your entire interactions with all the people on your friend list and goes through your contact information(and more creepy stuff-duh its all with your permission only so chill ) and then choses random people who you didn’t even know existed and declares him/her/it as your BFF . Now don’t you dare question its accuracy ,its more advanced than your tiny brain .

Informs you on great technological leaps

Now while most of you idiots use simple lame chat clients my facebook chat is just out of the world .Thanks to the various mysterious messages that are posted on my profile and messaged to me by my friends I can now video chat ,voice chat ,has talking smileys, smileys which strip , smileys which wave at me .Do you have all that ? No you don’t . Come over to facebook and i shall send you the links to the innumerable toolbars and unknown softwares i downloaded to get all these neat stuff. But I think they don’t work with some people because i have had issues with the face recognition add on i downloaded through the link I got from a pop up it is supposed to recognize the person i am chatting with by scanning his face and the addon will display his/her/it s name . Maybe I should just read the name written on the box but still… 😦


I have a city!!! And with PEOPLE in it!!

Through Zynga’s Popular game CITYVILLE I built my dream city ,I get the ultimate satisfaction by clicking on virtual buildings and boxes and stuff . IT IS FUN !! Be my neighbor and I will spam you till you die! Think I am joking?

You better give me the stuff which i ask for or your name will be here ....EVERYDAY

I have a MAFIA !!! Do you have a mafia ? I have a mafia with 237 + counting members just like me in it .


My farm was destroyed by a rival mafia…. so no pictures 😦 . But here is what Mafia Wars is all about -Its about action ,skill , brains.

ok all you do is click do job for the rest of your life and enter your credit card details for more POWER !! But this is FUN



Apps to help you decide your gender



And yes MEANINGFUL conversations like this one

So much information in this conversation !!

And even a page full of unlimited people for me to stalk . WHOA This is neat.

Now this is the life

I had to put in lots of time into this post so i request you to kindly SHARE this is on your facebook/twitter profile :D…..No seriously do so.Pretty please

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