How I lived two weeks off the grid…..well not exactly

This is not exactly meant for everyone to read because you can’t make any sense out of it,its more like journal or something so that i can read this later in my life and think of the good times i had since i am really forgetful i need something like this

This is not a travelogue(I don’t know what that is either just wanted to use a big word) . This is more how life cheered me up at the least expected place . Those of you don’t know I am a 16 year old with an addiction/obsession to the computers and the internet . I have been living with 24*7 connectivity for years….i am online even if i am pooping 😐 . This summer vacation my mom wanted me to go with her to Kerala . More like a nightmare for me; why? Well i don’t own a lappy,tablet =no internet . I was determined to do something about this so i loaded up my psp with new songs i downloaded and two games (Valkyria Chronicles 2 and Final Fantasy Dissidia ) and my mobile with 16 eBooks and again more songs, took my camera . Well the first thing i try to do is to swap sim cards when i crossed the Kerala border . I did forget to mention that i am a disaster magnet . My Vodafone sim didn’t have any balance so no one could reach me i kind of had assumed that incoming calls were free…which was not the case . So I tried a Kerala based Idea Sim which didn’t work even if i had 500 bucks balance .Result ? = My parents couldn’t reach me ,my uncle didn’t know where to pick me up and i slept through my stop . Fortunately I got down on the next stop and my uncle was waiting there(he thought i was supposed to get down there from the beginning =some good luck huh ) .

The rice field behind my cousin's house after heavy rain ..

I was supposed to stay with my uncle till my parents came(Unfair part-They get to come via flight while i have adjust in a Volvo ) . My aunt and uncle are really friendly people although to be honest I like my uncle a lot he is more emm  crazy and hyper so it’s really fun to hang out with him all the time and we love hanging out with each other a lot . My cousin is apparently in Coimbatore (TN ) so i am pretty much lonely there too . No I am not lonely there thanks to my cousins granny who is a big chatterbox 😉 . Since i talk a lot she likes me so i spend most of my free time ( power cuts ) by talking how my life is in Bangalore( minus the girls  ) . There is parrot and a dog in the house too(No i didn’t take the picture of a poor caged animal to show it go google “parrot” to see one ). One thing i love about Kerala is that unlike in Bangalore i feel more connected and wanted for here….. the constant flow of relatives ,neighbours to talk and stuff is pretty warming(Even though if it’s the same questions -1)Do you remember me ? 2) Do you have lots of friends in Bangalore and lastly Which STD  Class are you in ) . Another cool part is…. FREE MANGOES

These are mangoes and not extra-large wet potato wedges

In-case you still didn’t understand I LOVE MANGOES. And the ones i got there were 100 % free from pesticides and all the other big words ending with “cides” which you spray on all these stuff.  I understood the difference in quality when I bought mangoes from here in Bangalore where i was ripped off by the seller apparently the mangoes were ripe only in the outside . I ate at-least 8-10 mangoes everyday . (Thats me showing off ) .

Another major discovery by me – Facebook is not dial-up friendly . If you use a dial-up connection to chat online you will  be like David Blane i.e Thou shall appear and disappear every second then well…finally get disconnected.  So if one you has a  dial-up connection i pity thee and i shall call you dumb if you don’t use IDM or a good downland manager. I also found out that in Kerala SMS packs are based are like 4000 sms for 30 days and not like 500 sms per day (which is valid for 30 days) . I am not good with math and wasn’t bored enough to calculate which is more profitable  .

After two days of my life with a dial-up connection and a basic desktop with a large collection of Malayalam movies(Which apparently has really good stories BTW) my parents turn up . From there we went to my hometown to visit my grandparents and relatives and my good old buddy to this little more advanced place .Well the distance was approx of 130 km and so we took our uncles’ car (he has a swift ) . One sad thing i feel about our family is that we don’t have “bonding time”  or a family time . Thats a very rare thing . And we don’t even go for shopping a lot . So it was during the ride that i was actually getting close to my dad . And let me tell you that my dad is an awesome driver with anger (that’s where i got the anger from ).  He managed to reach 165 on the way which was like really cool until one fat lady jumped in front but it was still cOOl .

I haven’t seen my grand parents in a long time so spend a few hours telling how i was all normal chit chats . And their last dog ran away too (pretty sad ) . Grandpa is getting really old (me a bit concerned now ) . Anyway the next day my dad dragged me out and took along with him tto visit relatives and his friends . He had a good reason to forcibly drag me out too – I am not familiar with any of them nor do i know their names or anything ,so there will be a time when I need every one of them …..ok i forgot the rest of the reasons ) . I never realized that my dad knew so many people and that i was such an ignorant being .  Next day i went to meet my good old buddy Chris . We have known each other since 1st grade .  I played cricket with  him and few other tiny kids(4 year olds) . And I HIT MY FIRST SIX IN MY ENTIRE LIFE WOOOT! . Yes a four-year old threw the ball . But i still scored >.<  I told him everything about Bangalore and all the stuff i do . I spent the entire day with him .  And i flicked borrowed a Archie comic book from him . (I told it later to him so no need to give me the looks ) . Next day we had to go back to my cousins place because my dad had to return to Bangalore . And from my cousins place we(me and my mom ) went somewhere else.

This is part is more like bonding time with my mom .  My moms’  place is here  . And her house is well on the river bank . I recall that we had a raft (like the one in the mountain dew ad ) and well it used to work perfectly untill rats came and made a big hole in it >.< . There is no one else at the house and we had to clean it up and stuff. Another interesting thing is that i don’t get connectivity in the house unless i climb on the window grills of the first room (which i did everyday for 3 hours) . It was here that i found a lot of time to play my psp and well so far the game has got  57 hours of my life and it’s still not over . Also i was able to lie down on the road infront of the house i did that for more than 30 mins and still no vehicles so that’s pretty cool especially when i felt that i am in stone age . I used to go walks in the evening and spent the rest of day by eating yummy mangoes and milk powder . Oh yes Milk Powder the white powder which you use instead of milk and  tastes really good . I fell in love with it . And then the was this talkative neighbor lady who kept me entertained . And unlike in my small apartment I was able to scream and put loud music or just bang stuff without being scared of a hairy guy in denim shorts coming and screaming at me  .

We went back to my cousins place after a week (you must wondering if that’s something like a HQ )  .  I watched a lot of Malayalam moves there – they are pretty good and don’t worry folks Bollywood always manages to steal stores from southern movie industries . So you can see an item number where there was a crying scene in the original movie.

I must say i do really miss everyone there and the calmness and the peaceful surroundings .  Another major difference is that i look outside my window i can see stray dogs fighting and some morons digging a bore-well from past two days  while in Kerala i could see birds and greenery . (Those of you who called me then will definitely remember the birds chirping and stuff ) . There is more to life than booze and babes ….more than computers and coding . There are emotions and people so different from us ,  different cultures . All the people there are so simple and open unlike a few folks here who will be calculating how to stab you behind their grinning face……. I suggest all of you to get unwired and go off the grid and try a different life style it truly is a good experience .

And if you are still reading this then i would like to say thank you for reading all non sense and total crap even if i warned you . Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are bound to happen so if you are a grammar nazi please do correct me and i am open for suggestions . And if you really liked this(miracle )  then please do share this post ) .

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