Go Launcher Ex -One of The Best Home Replacement App for Android

Android is growing really fast  so is the number of apps in the Android Market . And There are alarge number of users who love to customize their phone and make it look unique. this is where home replacement apps come into play. Among these the most famous are -Launcher Pro , ADW Launcher , Go Launcher EX and Zeam . And I have used everyone of them and Go Launcher EX turned out to be my favorite . Why ? The most important reason why i like it is well its completely FREE and is updated regularly .  Well now lets get to the details.


  What good is a home-screen replacement app if its really slow . Now no one wants to click on the app-drawer and wait for  2 seconds for the list to show up . I have tested the application on a Samsung Galaxy 5 and a Xperia X10  but I will be concentrating on the results from the galaxy 5 as it has the most low end specifications . One thing i noticed is that the app drawer takes a max of 1 second to open up during normal usage and  2- 3 seconds right after switching on the phone . It took sometime to load the icons for certain apps . I can’t call this as a disadvantage because almost everything is slow just after a reboot . Also remember this is with the theme Blue AX applied and at a fling speed of 36 and elasticity at 26 and Zoom as transition effect . So that means a middle range android phone can handle this application really well . Even the auto -rotation worked flawlessly .



There are three different grid sizes 4 x 4 ; 5 x 4 and 5 x 5 .  You can put unlimited number of home screens and it has a option to preview home-screens like HTC  which really cool .  The dock is scrollable and you can put a maximum of 3 docks . The dock has gesture support which is really helpful and giving you faster way to navigate through your shortcuts .


Go Launcher App Drawer is different from all other Launcher Apps . This one has three tabs – Programs ,History and Running . Programs tab lists all the installed apps on your phone , Go Launcher EX can list the apps in horizontal and  vertical you can also hide  apps which you don’t want  . And the Recent tab shows the recently opened apps  . And “Running Tab ” is more like a task manager . You can lock apps , go-to the  running apps  .


Go Launcher Ex allows you to apply themes and there alot of good themes available in the market -both premium and free . Applying themes is also a easy job .Do try out different themes .



Although Go Launcher EX supports backup and restore of home-screen and settings you have to note that widgets are not included . Go Launcher has almost every function in Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher  and its free . The level of customization is really good and there are alot of themes available.  Do give this app a try and I am sure you will like it . If you do feel that there are some bugs/cons do comment .

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