Aldiko Book Reader- My Favorite Ebook Reader For Android

One thing i really love about my phone is that i can read eBooks on it.  Now that brings us to question which eBook reader one should use . Well I love Aldiko Book Reader . I have been using this application for a few months and is in love with it .Why ? Read on. Or just download it and see for yourself .


The app has a background like a wooden shelf similar to Shelfari .
This is the home page of Aldiko Ebook Reader .  The wood theme of Aldiko Ebook Reader is really nice .

This is the shelf view . All the books in the library is listed here .

One can organize the books according to the author ,title ,rating,recently added , recently finished and recent read . This is a really good feature for people who like to keep everything organized . The recent reads is really helpfully for the people who read more than one book a day or two etc.

There are no extra effects or anything while turning pages in the app . Its more like a simple interface while reading a book unlike the famous Laputa Reader which has really impressive effects  .

Aldiko has its ups and downs . Its simple and easy to use but i did notice that it is not as fast there is a slight lag in opening a book and sometimes while changing pages . This is something which i didn’t find in Laputa Reader Pro. even with all the awesome effects and other features . Aldiko book reader has a store from which you can buy books now this is a pretty cool feature and will surely impress serious reader .Another thing i liked is the different way one can organize the shelf and the simplicity of the application makes it a really good app .

Conclusion –

The best ebook reader available on the market and its FREE .


Note- Laputa Reader is not available in the market as it is removed from it so don’t bother searching .

Here is the link for laputa reader

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