Must have apps on Android

If you haven’t heard of Android then that can mean only one thing- You are time traveler from the 18th century . Android is the new thing . Not everyone can afford a Iphone so the next big thing is an Android phone.(I am not hinting that iOS is better but generally some find it cooler) .The Android Market has more than 200,000 applications with more than 3 billion downloads. Now there is always a list of MUST -have apps. I am going to tell you guys my list of MUST have apps for Android (Might include premium apps too )

  •  Advanced Task Killer

It is said that one shouldn’t use task killers but personally I think that a task killer is indeed necessary . Why? Even though android applications are supposed to close automatically in-case of low memory it is always not the case . Also there is a problem of unwanted apps running in the background which will slow your phones’ performance


Advanced Task Killer does its job in a simple and effective way. The app has a really simple user interface. There is also a widget which will kill all the running apps once you press it . Under the simple user interface there are tweaks to mess  around with to make the app work according to your needs .

  • App2SD Free

This application allows you to move apps to SD card (Android 2.2 and above only -and the app should support APP2SD ) . Whats great about this application ? The user friendly interface which shows apps which can be moved to SD card , which are on SD card and the ones which can only be installed on the phone . The app informs you if a newly installed app can be moved to SD card . This is a great way to move your apps and more organised than going to settings and through the whole list of  installed apps .


FriendCaster by Hand-Mark is a Facebook application . I suggest you give this one a try if you don’t like Facebook Official App. Personally I find Facebook app to be really slow and unresponsive and so after trying out various alternatives I have settled with FriendCaster . FriendCaster has a very simple UI similar to the official Facebook app . The only downer with this app is the fact that there is no chat. There are popup notifications and the app checks for new notifications automatically according to your choice. Also photos and profiles load faster compared to the Facebook for Android.

  • Vignette

There are users who always like to have something more than the default stuff . Vignette can replace your default camera application . Vignette adds lots of effects ,frames etc to your photos. One can also import a picture from the gallery and then add effects to it . I am not sure if this is user friendly or not as far as I am concerned its UI is average. There are tons of stuff under the hood to mess around with ( 84 effects & 59 frames). Do try this one out to add some really cool effects to your pictures . Its worth every penny .

  • SoundHound

Ever heard a song in a cafe and wondered whats the name of the song ? Well SoundHound can help you with that. SoundHound listens to the song for a few seconds and gives you information about it .I have tried both SoundHound and its rival Shazam and it turns out that SoundHound is a bit more faster and accurate in recognizing the songs . SoundHound allows you to buy the song,bookmark a search , search for the video on youtube ,instantly shows you the lyrics  and can also share the result on twitter and facebook . The premium version has a widget and is ad-free . One more feature worth mentioning about this app is that it even (rarely) recognizes and guesses the song if you hum or sing it .


I will admit Winamp has its faults but it made into the list because its Free . Winamp for android has some similarity with its desktop counterpart . It has Shout-Cast Radio and another option of finding some Free Music .A cool feature about this app is the is the integrated now-playing dock, that if retracted shows just the title of the song playing with play duration. Once opened, the dock shows the full now playing screen, with all the usual details . Another feature i love about this is the ability to scrobble with Last.Fm this is something which i couldn’t find with PowerAMP and PlayerPro  . User can sync with the Winamp on the pc through wi-fi . Winamp can be made better by making a few changes in the UI and more options to tweak . But as for now this is one of the best players available in the Android Market .


AppBrain App Market

AppBrain allows you to browse the market from your Android device and use filters to find newer and better applications for your Android device. AppBrain suggests you apps which might be of interest to you based on the apps already installed on your phone . One can also share the list of apps installed on the phone in facebook/twitter. If browsing the AppBrain website you can install apps directly by clicking on them on the website if you download the add on application called “Fast Web Installer”.  Although this feature is now seen on the android market site too where one can install apps on the phone remotely .But the main reason why AppBrain is popular and efficient is because of its organized manner where one can broswse through apps sort by hot apps today, hot apps this week, highest rated apps, price drops etc also filter apps by free apps, paid apps, price reduced apps, app2sd enabled apps, new apps .

Go Launcher EX

Go Launcher EX is one of the best home replacement apps you can find in the android market . Go Launcher has almost all the neat features from other popular home launcher apps . The app works without any lag even on low end phones and there is also support for installing themes and a user can customize almost every aspect from icons to grid sizes to fling speed(Its a long list) .Go launcher Ex also has some cool transition effects . Install this launcher and try customizing it to your needs and then your phone will be really unique .

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