My Life Without Android.

My phone was confiscated by the teacher exactly on 15/6/2011. And my purpose of writing this post is to tell how i am comping with the sad loss of my phone and to take out my anger on the teacher who took it . There will be grammatical errors/ spelling mistakes and crap in this post ,feel free to correct me or to shut up .

As a typical a teenager (Don’t mention tech savvy), my phone was a basic necessity. It was something more like a extension of my soul except that it ran on battery .  Ebooks , Messaging ,Gtalk , Email ,Twitter , Facebook ,Foursquare etc. It was my port way to the world.  And it was the only thing that kept me connected to the grid.

I admit I did use the phone during class time. Its my fault indeed ,not going to deny it  .  Its been three weeks and I still haven’t got it back ,again that is fine to an extent . What I can’t stand at all is the fact that how the teacher(sorry no respect for you from my side after this incident) fucks around with me . If you are reading this ma’am well then you will never give me the phone ever but its fine as long as you read whole article at least you will know what i feel and think about you.  It would have been fine if she had told that I won’t get my phone until the end of the year or there is no hope for it . But she always tells one story and adds “Come tomorrow and we will see” .  Tomorrow Never Comes huh ? Well balls to that . I spend every break for the past three weeks infront of the stupid cubicle like a retard and beg for my phone . Then she made me write a letter apologizing for everything and then I had to get both of my parents to sign it.  And even after all that she still says come tomorrow.Then she tries to hint slighty that I still may not get the phone for a few weeks or that I might have to bring my parents to college.  Well I got ego. And it took a lot from me to go this lady everyday and ask/beg around for my phone . Alright I feel like starting a new para for no reason.

If  you are still reading this well that means

1) You are my gf

2)You are my dad

3)You are the bitch you took my phone

4)You are a guy with no life at all

5)You are a alien trying to understand human psychology so that you can brainwash us and make everyone dance.

Ok the point me writing all this ? Nothing . But I must say this is a fine example of how certain people abuse their power. Don’t say that I am going overboard by making that statement . I can easily conclude that from what I have been through that this particular teacher loves the attention she is getting because of this matter . She loves to see me go beg her everyday and also gets a ego boost infront of all the other teachers by creating a image for herself depciting that she is very strict teacher and also is trying to send a warning to everyone through my example .And I have decided that I will not bring my parents to my college to get my phone . I feel that its too much especially after making them sign my apology letter. Feels more like they are treating my parents as jobless people sitting at home . Also I didn’t have any problem if they had called them the next day instead of making me run around so much and go through the humiliation and forgetting about my own self esteem .


Another thing to conclude from my experience is that always password protect your phone no matter what. One might think that its not going to be required or that you don’t have anything to hide but trust me on this there will be a moment where you will regret that decision .As for protecting your Android based cellphone . I suggest you have remote data wipe application (Lookout security premium one has it also check out Droid commander Lite) installed along with “Where is my droid. “ .

Outcome of all this was that I didn’t have a phone for a week ,No way to contact anyone .And finally ended up with this kickass gadget.


Things you should if your Android Phone is confiscated by a teacher .

Do remove your SD card or SIM card if possible.If not wipe out all your data(remotely) using any app which does that .Then inorder to drain its battery so that they won’t even turn on the phone you need to go Android Market using a PC and install applications remotely. Install lots of games(as they take a long time to download ). Then in the night make your phone ring using “Where is my Droid” . Keep doing that . To know if you succeeded just try the locate phone thing in Wheres My droid . If you don’t get a reply well that means your phone died.




Do give your views even if you haven’t read the whole article .

4 responses to “My Life Without Android.

  • warun

    Just get her attention at a weak moment (when she’s happy about something) – then beg her with the look of a poor homeless loner (with big bright eyes); she is bound to return it by the end of the day (at-least) – the more you entertain her and the people around her, the longer it will take for you to get your phone back.
    Trust me, I’ve been through such a situation – twice.
    11th and 12th is a PITA.

  • Matthew Thomas

    Sorry, sorry…
    How did you install Zenonia 3 on the X10?
    It shouldn’t be available for it, I’ve been looking all over google for a way with no luck whatsoever…

    • Dark69Slayer

      Well, thanks for reading the post. And as for your question well if you can’t find it in the market you can manually download the game from another source and install it from the apk file. Just google “zenonia 3 (remove brackets and insert the latest version or which ever release you want) .apk download”
      Want more help?

  • Shona's gf

    my ultimate gadget itseems 😀
    I was android has where’s my droid, does apple have anything?

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