A night @ the Hospital

This might be a shock to some of you but I despise hospitals. I have never been to one in years. I hate the environment ,the people,the doctors  and everything else you can think of it. Although I must admit I am scared of doctors and syringe. Ok I shouldn’t deviate from the topic.

Hmm this is part which I am not comfortable in telling.  But I just have to do it . I apparently having been having “hair loss/hair fall” And this resulted in the attention of my parents. Of course  no one will notice it unless you play with my hair (And that will be creepy) .  Well back to flash back . Now Hair Loss ?? I was like  “Dude I am 16! WTF ! And I am a virgin ” .  My hair is the only physical feature which i actually like so this was more like a death sentence.  And  I do suspect that baldness runs in the family . Something tells me that even my mom thought the same as she went into ” Hyper crazy panicking mom” mode . And that made me go into “Violent Mad Maniac With Urge To Kill Random People  aka VMMWUTKRP” mode . Well I somehow managed to go to sleep without killing anyone .

I woke up today morning to find that my dad took a leave and that after i return from college we are going to see our family doc who is supposed to refer us to some specialist. One thing about my family doc-  She despises my college . She has pure hatred for it .  And because of this I really like bitching about my college to her.  She concluded that I have znxniobasoba (Ok that’s  just random letters as I actually have no clue what she concluded .  Although she did say that it was due to stress.  Now that’s a new thing . She kept on insisting that i tell her what is bothering me. (By this time she asked my dad to leave the room ) . I did mention that my exams are coming up and a certain somebody was not satisfied with the answer. then i told about my phone being confiscated .and magically it turns out that i started having issues just after my phone as taken away . Now that’s not so shocking as i just realised that i was addicted to it and i am desperate for it . I confess I am really happy to put all the blame on my college and the teacher. So yes I went along and told all my problems and shit just because i lost my phone . Now then this lady sends my to St Johns Hospital .

I find hospitals as terrible places. They are gloomy ,disgusting ,unhygienic.  And GERMS.  Germs will be there on every bench you sit . There might be germs crawling on your jeans after you sat there. Another interesting thought that came into my mind is that how can doctors lead a happy life ? Fine they might be getting a fat salary . But all they see is sick people .  A line of sick people . At the end of the day when they go their beds they really can’t expect anything different on the next day other than different faces with the same story. Maybe a patient will faint in front of the doc and that might be his unique moment of the day/week.    Firstly I had to create a profile or register or something . And I found out that my dad didn’t know his only sons age. Not Cool.  And that the hospital wanted to know my religion…. (now I wonder why ) . We were directed to a dermatologist who apparently is not a very talkative person at all and concluded my issue. And he chucked me out of my room and wanted to speak to my dad alone.  This is where I started imagining things and started to text a certain someone with all my theories which kinda went from  brain surgery to me going to die to me having a degrading brain to me going to bald for the rest of my life.  What i didn’t realize is that i was sending all this to a poor soul who later will be freaked out .  After that my dad came out to tell me that the docs were just telling him not to put so much pressure on me and thought that my condition is something related to my psychology .So we had to go over and pay again to see the mad doc  .

The psychology department was not at all crowded but it still took us an hour and a half to see the doc. This hour and half was boring as well as really the highlight of the day. During this one hour I got my Xperia X10 (which is currently being used by my dad) ,I  installed Zenonia 3 , Juice Defender and SwiftKey X on it (All highly recommended apps y me ) . It felt good to be holding an android phone in my hand . And later I actually spoke to my dad.  Thats a rare thing . I actually told him alot of stuff especially why i hate nerds and how smart my friends are(a few smart ones ). I went on speaking about KFC ,My friends,College life ,My phone, On how I hate injections  etc . It felt really good . Its been weeks since i have spoken o my dad for more than 10 minutes. When it was my turn I was NERVOUS.  Yes thats a very important word as thats the word which used to describe myself to the doctor and front hat he concluded i have anxiety issues.  I hate psychiatrists they are mad and they drive others mad.  Like my fear of heights is going to affect my future or my fear of blood  but no according to him it will . I am want to be a software related guy.(Yes thats my so called aswesome plan for the future. )

My parents don’t want me to tell all this to everyone . I really don’t care . But I am not typing anymore in this article. In short I got Anxiety Issues. And I will be getting a new phone because of all this. And I think I bonded with my dad.

Next Post -How I enjoyed being home alone……or shall i say suffered.

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