That awkward moment when I realized that I am not eligible for CET

This is another random post for my girl ,she loves reading stuff like this from and no tech . I was a clueless soul and maybe I still I am , that’s something which time will tell . Today we had a “Career Guidance Seminar” at Christ Junior College. Well those of you who know me personally will be wondering why attended it .Well I had attendance shortage and couldn’t take the risk . Turns out the day was not so normal …well ok fine it was ( I just hate normal days SO BORING ). Well the things that my day normal was almost everyone bunked today because of the career thing and well Diwali is tomorrow which ended in a major shortage in my gang.By the way you do realize that I am just dragging this as much as I can ? Well now you do . One thing I hate is being lonely but hey I wasn’t lonely its just that my lunch hour was more boring because of the lack of crazy assholes . Turns out my ingenious nerdy friend bunked all periods and he showed up for the Career Shit . I mean seriously LAME ,here people were dying to bunk the shit and a moron turns out for the thing all of us were trying to avoid and sleeps in the hall.(and yes 10 people hiding the toilet is not a smart move) .Well I must admit I really am glad that I went for the crap as now I know that I can’t write the exam for which I have been going for coaching. Also that I might have to end up paying for the seat . Well atleast its better than coming to know about all this when I go to the application form . I really have no idea at all why you are reading this unless you are my GF . Otherwise you are just weird . Lets move on .Did I tell you that people tried to light butt on fire ? Meh ! You are not cool enough for that .Also did I tell you that I am going to conquer the world and you are going to be my slave ? Well you are too lame for that so I might end up killing you for fun .
Also did you know that I am not making any sense and is simply typing shit ? yes you did 🙂 I am proud of you .I shall be honest with you since you are so patient and is still reading all this .The truth is that I had this awesome idea to write about this but well then in the middle I had to go for tutions and since they tried to light my butt I kinda forgot everything …So its adios .And I might write another article about people bitching and shit like that and something which will make more sense

BTW this is how my moment was
Lady in the stage -“Blah Blah Blah you have to be studying in Karnataka for atleast 7years to be eligible for CET ”
Me-*look at that chicks boobs-stares at this hot chick infront of me*
Lady-“Blah Blah I suck ,Blah Blah ”
My best buddy who is sitting next to me – “Err dude you came here since 7th standard right ? ”
Me -“Yea bro ,check out the girl 😉 ”
ME-“wait a sec”
100 10 people around me-“MWAHAHHAHAHAHA”
ME-“How much does a seat cost now ”



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