Mysterious Praveen and Me

I used to use Tata Docomo for a few years with this big fancy number with  alot of 6 ( I was going through adolescence so its justified). I had to stop using it because apparently the sim had some issues or some damage and I couldn’t get it replaced well ….. lets just say I didn’t acquire the number through completely legal methods . So one day I got a Vodafone SIM . OK my dad got me a Vodafone sim is more appropriate.

Yeah,people like that used to call me

Chicks like this used annoy me. One fine day when I came back I got this call from a guy named “Praveen”.Here is the conversation(Or I think thats how it went).

Me- Hello ?
Praveen – HEY!!IS this 9********2 ?
Me- Eh! I think so
Praveen – Ok I had a similar number ,so don’t pick up calls meant for me .
Me- Err WHAT ?
Praveen- I said don’t pick up calls meant for me.
Me- How am I supposed to know that ? My magical mind reading abilities are not functioning anymore.
Praveen – GALALA,BUGLA !!!!(Ok he spoke in Kannada ,I don’t know the language).

End of chapter 1

Chapter 2

Another fine day

Phone rings

Me- yeah !
Dude- Galla ,Balla ,Muglla!!
Me- HUH !! ??
Dude- Praveen ! Fuck you ,stop speaking English
Me-Wrong number

I used to keep on getting random calls like this where creepy drunk people spoke and screamed at me in Kannada.

End of Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Time – 11 AM
Location -My Collge, Class is going on .

Phone Vibrates,I cut the call.Vibrates again, cuts it.Vibrates again.Cut it.
I thought it must be some emergency or assumed my granny died .So I asked my friends to cover for me and I went under the bench and picked up the call.

Dude- Thuu ! Sula Makane,Gandu ….GLALLA HUHHALA MAGGALA (From what I could understand this dude was abusing me and since its in Kannada  it was pretty obvious who he wanted )

Graphical Representation of what I went through

Its funny how people tend to lose their senses and control when anger takes over the mind,I guess everything is indeed connected to alcohol and weed . Back to lame blog post story

Me -You fucking cunt!Shut the fuck up and learn to speak enlgish or else go back to your house and suck your own cock !
*Got a kick from my friend*
Guess I was a bit loud.Came back up and sat on the bench .

The main purpose of this post was to waste sometime so that my downloads could complete .And to kill time,if you actually read this well consider yourself jobless(on the other hand if one thinks a bit more,I don’t think anyone actually reads this shit).So I will tell you this George-YOU ARE AWESOME.

BTW I think this is Praveen


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