Solar Charger (Android App)- Awesome Prank

Solar Charger is an app found in the Android Market which is *supposed* to enable you to charge your phone by solar energy. Here’s the description given by the developer .

Go green! Charge your phone with the power of the sun! Start this application, put your phone in a well lit place and watch your battery charge using the solar panel.
Detects the amount of light
3 different solar panels
Vibrates when charging starts
You can prevent the device from going to sleep mode
Nice charging animation

Future updates:

More efficient solar panels up to +50%
Tablet support
Samsung support

In the pro version:
Fart sound while charging
Samsung tablet support.

The creator of this application does not take any responsibility for the damage and injury what the user may cause or suffer in the future, present or past with or without this software.

Note: Of course this application is not charging your phone. You didn’t think so, did you?! The only reason for this app is to collect the mentally challenged trolls – who never read the description this far – complaining about every app. Or you can fool your friends with this nice ‘charging feature’ if you like.

Do not let your device overheat! Be careful when you put your device under the direct sunlight!

Now you must be wondering who will actually believe this crap and actually fall for it. The dev is indeed right,there are still people who rants because the app didn’t work.


Everyone else is just playing along with their funny comments .

Go HERE and see for yourself

2 responses to “Solar Charger (Android App)- Awesome Prank

  • Nicky

    I’m actually one of those idiots who believed this crap. Showed off to my entire office about this app. Even insisted that my staff would install it as well. What an idiot I am. Good joke. Love it. Feel so stupid I fell for it. Best app ever. However created this is a fun guy. Well done.

    • Dark69Slayer

      Well, atleast you took in a good way. Next time read the description it has all kinds of useful information and bugs. Also you might be interested to know that there is another similar one in the Play Store – I forgot the name but it’s something like Shake To Charge, uses the kinetic energy created while you shake the phone and converts it into electric energy and charges your battery. You can try and fool someone with it 😉

      Thank you for commenting and visiting the blog. Share any post if you like it or rate it – keeper motivated.

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