Get CRT Screen off animation,swipe to clear notification and more on Your Xperia Mini Pro,Mini Live

This is because a reader had requested me to find a way to get the CRT off animation on his phone without unlocking the bootloader. Well now anyone can get

15 toggle lidroid’s Quickpanel [New] 2G-3G toggle, ScreenTimeout
Stop foreground app via long-Back
Swipe clear notification
Reboot options (normal, fastboot, clockworkmod)
CRT screen off animation

on your STOCK ROM . Thats right ,no need to flash any new kernel or anything ,but you need to have your phone rooted(method give some time back) .

  1. Download the file from here
  2. Copy it to your phone
  3. Go to CWM recovery and flash the zip(install zip file option)
    Or you can use root explorer

How to use Root Explorer to install

1. put files to “/system”
2. change the permission rw-r–r–
3. move each file to correct directory(“/system/app” or “/system/framework”)
4. reboot your phone


Thanks to XDA member like-p and his thread 

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