Onavo Extend -Saves You Some Mobile Data

I recently came across this app called Onavo Extend. It basically claims to help you save some precious mobile data – useful for almost everyone one of us I guess. Before I go into the details I would like to make it clear that I haven’t tried this on a 3G network as I can’t afford one. I am using Vodafone GPRS/Edge.
The app comes with a very simple interface and doesn’t offer much of customization – not needed anyways. I think it basically does the same thing as Opera Mini – compresses images. You get to choose the image quality from low, medium and high.
I tried this app for a few days. And well it managed to save me like 20mb in 8 days. But I didn’t use it straight for 8 days because the app sometimes slows the connection down hence making it even more harder to use certain apps like Draw Something, Tapatalk etc. From what I heard the server is USA so there might be latency issues.
Another point to note is that it doesn’t save data with every app.

Only works in ICS devices

Here are some screenshots

















Check out “Onavo Extend” – Link is here. click me

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