Android 2.3/CM7 for Galaxy 3

During the past two days someone has been bugging me to find a Androd 2.3 ROM for the Galaxy 3 . Apparently he did search the XDA Forums but couldn’t find any for daily use. I quite disagree with that even the MIUI Port is pretty much functional .Anyway from my tiny limited knowledge I have heard that Kyrillos ROMs are the famous ones for Galaxy 3 .

The latest version of the Krillios ROM is 10

Kyrillos’ rom v10 Features
Based on Marcellusbe’s CM7 Alpha7 port for Galaxy3. [Android 2.3.7]
PreRooted with Busybox 1.19.3-cm7 installed.
Integrated Custom Kernel [CM kernel 1.3 HV]
– CWM Recovery
– CPU Governors: Lulzactive, SvagedZen, Interactive, Lagfree, Conservative, Ondemand, Userspace, Powesave, Performance.
– Overclock support up to 1000MHz! [Use Setcpu to configure]
– 1% Battery Mod
Optional Memory Manager! v6 Supercharger by zeppelinrox. [How to enable: open terminal emulator and type: su (enter), v6_supercharger (enter) and enable option 2!]
Integrated Video Drivers!! [Thanks to Lebidu]
Integrated Beats Audio Engine [Thanks to DeHuMaNiZeD & fuss123]
Full APN file for instant internet / MMS access
Adfree! [No more ads :P]
Ultra fast GPS lock!! [Locks within a minute]
Tweaked Build.prop
– Disabled adb nofity
– Battery tweaks!
– Proximity Sensor tweaks
– More In-Call Volume steps
– Performance tweaks!
– Hacked Messaging App with 160 characters support for greek language (capital letters only)
– Swype Keyboard v3.26 with 28 Languages!
– Android 2.3 Keyboard with all languages and many dictionaries!
5 Launchers to choose from:
– Touchwiz30 [For the people who miss it]
– AOSP Gingerbread
– ADW.Launcher
– LauncherPro
– Xperia Arc Launcher [Thanks to Slither2006]
Custom BootAnimation!
Replaced some system apps with better ones!
– Tape-a-talk voice recorder [High quality record at cd quality instead of voice recorder]
– QuickPic instead of Gallery3D
No kies support!
Latest fonts by google!
Updated all Google Apps [Market, Gmail, Talk]
2 Themes [Android 2.3 theme, ICS Black build 031]
Added Kyrillos-tweaks script [Swap, faster partition mounts, Memory & Kernel tweaks, Default governor: Ondemand (with some tweaks), SQlite db optimization (off), Zipalign (off)]
Removed Apps [Gallery3D, Voice Dialer, Development, Spare Parts, Protips, RomManager, Sound Recorder, Sim Toolkit, Download Provider, Html viewer, Latin Ime Tutorial, Livewallpapers]
Added binaries [SQlite3, Zipalign]
Added Voodoo Control App [To configure voodoo sound driver. Note: You must firstly check the /Settings/Device_Settings/Sound_Settings/Enable_WM8994_Control box. (Also turn off the rest two ticks and the stereo expansion gain.)]
App2sd [Added S2E app. To enable it: Open S2E, go to its settings, Tick the “Mount as ext4” option, reboot, open the app again, tick “Appications” & “Dalvik cache”, reboot & enjoy!]

Let me clear something Video DOES NOT work with stock app so all you have to do install a third aparty app like Videocam illusion.

Bluetooth can be used for sending and receiving files but not for headsets or something 


I don’t have the permission to post the links as my PM was left unanswered .
But here is the link for the thread


I suggest you don’t use the overclocked one and stick to the kernel with the frequency of 800Mhz

You can use ODIN or a Recovery installed on your phone to flash the file.

Good Luck . Will provide support if you have any issues.

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