4G LTE in India- A bit too early ?

So today Airtel released 4G network in Kolkata. For those of you who don’t know what 4G is its basically something faster than 3G. 4G is technically capable of providing upto 100 Mbps  while the maximum for a 3G network is only 21Mbps .

Now that’s pure awesomeness . Now that brings us to the question of which is better . 3G or 4G ? I am talking on VFM point of view .Since the lowest or cheapest plan for 4G starts from 999 lets compare that with the one in that range from the 3G pack.

3G Tarrif for Kolkata

4G Tarrif for Kolkata


In my view I will choose 4G any day over 3G .  I mean for 750 Rs standard 3G plan I get 5GB while for 4G it is 6 GB and costs 1k .The difference is not that much considering the speed 4G has .

That brings us to the question what device can support 4G . Answer is none . There isn’t a single device officially released in India which can support 4G. iPad should be released next month mostly so that will be the first 4G device I guess. Also Reliance is getting ready to launch some cheap 4G tablet to screw the customers .4G is still new to the world,even in US and Europe not many has opted for 4G .While in India we still haven’t embraced 3G because of the costs. So the success of this will be up to the phone/tablets etc manufacturers and how Airtel pushes the service. I know for a fact that if/once I start earning I will definetly go for one . A side reaction for this is that 3G prices are going to drop slowly . Or the 3G speeds are going to drop- If you are a GPRS/2G user then you will realize that the speeds are slower than usual and the connection gets disconnected more frequently now . I suspect this is a ploy by the providers so that user gets fed up and try out 3G.

Buy me this please

Atleast the country is developing somehow .

Cheers to Airtel for introducing this -But your billing and customer service still sucks donkey balls

4 responses to “4G LTE in India- A bit too early ?

  • Percy Jacksons

    Instead of making 4g, they should first make fiber to the home available in india. Fiber broadband is the fastest broadband, and you can get unlimited plans. In 2g, 3g and 4g, you can get unlimited plans once in a blue moon, for eg the 700rs plan by bsnl to let users know about its 3g. So, 2e will have to wait for a year for 4g to reach other service providers. So, its no use switching to 4g right now.

    and about 4g launching really soon, you are right. It launched too early. Inflation and crappy broadband prices (shit unlimited plans) makes broadband in india suck big time…

    • Dark69Slayer

      But you are forgetting the portability part . If I was earning and owned a 4G device then definitely I will go for it.But like you said it won’t work out,the only hope is that maybe 3G prices will go down because of 4G

      • Kiran Fernandes

        I understand what ur trying to say… But when you want to download tons of movies that you havent watched, you will need a total data bandwidth of around 2 to 4TB or more in a month if you are gonna be downloading at approximately 12MB/s…

        That cannot be achieved in 4g, as the maximum data given is around 20GB… So, when you are travelling, you can watch at least 2 to three 480p youtube videos a day to make use of the 20GB limit in a months time….

        BTW, Im Percy Jacksons…

  • harry martin

    who cares … I hack my niebhours wifi

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