5 Points I noted when I went for a movie.

I really have no idea on what to type as the title for this post . In short I am just going to write about my observations today when I went to see The Amazing Spiderman.  As I am typing this I can hear my dad screaming at me for some reason so I shall make this short and go fight .

1) Don’t think that your friends are going to be on time. 

Basically what all of us at times do is ,be late or just don’t do anything until we are on the verge on missing out on the first 10 minutes. I was supposed to go with three of my other friends meaning I could sleep till 9 AM for a 10 AM show and can leave at 9:50/9:45. This is where everything went wrong at first. Everyone thought like me and to make things even worse they lied to me telling that they already reached. One dude even told me that he is eating in McD and gave me detailed description but in reality he was stuck in traffic 20 minutes away.

What I thought he was doing

Where he actually was

So I took my time and with everything and got out of my house at 9:50 AM . Next thing was to catch an auto . As usual the auto driver got the upper hand as I was desperate to reach the mall and managed to loot me . Only when I reached did I discover that I am 5 minutes late and also my friend is still stuck looking for a parking spot. In the end we managed to miss first 15 minutes of the movies( A few more because we didn’t know helmets were not allowed and they didn’t have any place to store at the movie theater)

2) When you go for a movie – kindly sit at your fucking seat .

You see,when they allot a seat or if your ticket has a seat number then that means that’s where your butt belongs and not in a row with a better view. It will also save everyone the trouble if you follow this.  Like today- Someone was sitting in my seat,but I couldn’t verify it or fight with them because I was late and didn’t want to irritate the folks behind me.  Because of this we had to simply go sit somewhere in the row . That wouldn’t have been so bad if a dude actually worked hard to convince a girl to come for a movie with him and the girl sits next to me and they guy behind us (Yes he was with us and no I am not generous enough to offer him my place by sitting alone behind ) . Basically some morons ruined that poor guy’s day.

3) If you have to talk during a movie then kindly talk about the movie and not about science 

Turns out that the guys who were sitting on our seats were some weird nerds. I was forced to hear their conversation which just made me go

Except that I am brown

Here is what I heard :- *spiderman is fighting bad guys on screen*

Nerd 1 – I got a new voltmeter.

Nerd 2 – OMG! Thats so cool.

Nerd 1 – Yeah this one is more precise.

After a few minutes I overhear this

Nerd 2 – So are the rays parallel ?

Nerd1 – Yeah. Then polarization happens

Nerd 2 – Okay. So you finished three experiments last week huh

* After a few more minutes when Peter Parker is about to make out with Emma Stone*

Me to my friend- You think he will bang her ?

Friend- Hope so bro, would be a bonus if its in 3D.

Nerd 1 – I think they might perform COITUS

Nerd 2 – You really think so…?

Nerd 1 – Maybe.

Me- WTF !! Did I hear the word “coitus”, who the hell says that except Sheldon Cooper and my 9th STD Biology textbook.

INTERESTING EXERCISE – Go to Google images, search for Coitus . (Safe for work)

Afterwards- Turns out these nerdy guys are my friend’s classmates . And one of them (Nerd1 ) bought a new Galaxy S3 phone and is showing it around during inter-mission .  Since my friend took the phone for a minute , I for some evil reason took the phone and subscribed him to “Love Tips ” and ” Masala Jokes”  🙂  I am sure he will appreciate it later and think that it was worth 60 bucks . ( Yes I did delete the confirmation message by Vodafone )  This kids is another reason why you shouldn’t let others play with your phone. Reason 1 being – Your nude or your girl friend’s nudes pictures will be used by millions of creepy people to masturbate.

4) How not to stare at girls 

This is how not to stare at girls.

One thing which goes horribly wrong is when you are with a bunch of horny guys and a hot girl passes by, and when you try to look at the girl. Because every idiot will be staring at her ass just like you and this is something I forgot . So basically two hot girls come and sit behind our table for lunch in a food court. By obeying the laws of nature 4 pairs of eyes were fixed on them for a few seconds. But I couldn’t resist taking another look and to my my surprise it turns out that these girls actually changed their seats and was sitting adjacent to us and also was looking at me looking at their previous table…. and gave a big laugh. Caught red handed.

So I improvised. While I was thinking of how to check out girls better and walking I crashed into a amazingly hot girl(her fault) for which apologized a lot. Obviously the three other dudes taught i did it on purpose and started commenting about the whole situation and asking “How was it bro ?? ” ,again what these idiots didn’t realize was she was within a meter distance and texting someone most probably her boyfriend.


5) No one calls me as long as their gadgets work 

I received three calls yesterday that’s a very high number because during my normal daily life only three people call me – Mom(asking where I am) ,Best friend (asking me wassup+gossip+asking me to study) and GF(Now ex) . And due to this I rarely pick up calls from anyone else and I am also nervous to speak on the phone.  Turns out all these three new callers wanted something from me

Dude 1-Fix one dude’s internet. (We were in the same class for two years and have only spoken four times)

Dude 2-  Next guy wanted to know how to put pirated games on his phone

Dude 3 – Needed suggestion for a phone.

Even though I never picked up their calls they did irritate me on Whats App alot so I did tell them or helped them in whatever way I could.


Also I plan to blog frequently. 😀

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